"Born and raised in Racine, WI, with prior work experience in Human Resources and Customer Service, I am now a work-from-home mother. Married for 5 years to my husband Jon, we are raising two happy boys, Lincoln age 4 and Eliot 1 year old. After having my own placenta encapsulated and experiencing the many benefits it can offer (especially milk supply and energy!), I have found a true desire to provide professional and quality postpartum help to mothers. I strive to get to know each of my clients to better determine the best way to serve them. I look forward to working with you!" - Naomi Nowak





International Placenta and Postpartum Association certified - 2020

Bloodborne Pathogen certified - 2020
WI Food Handler certified - 2020


Hi Naomi,

Things are still going well!  I’m so glad I have the capsules. I have still been taking them regularly.  I notice a difference with my anxiety and my milk production based on the capsules and how many I take. 
Thank you again for providing this service!  It has made a significant difference for me!

- Catherine

As a doula I've never hesitated to recommend Racine Placenta Encapsulation to my clients looking for these services. Those who've taken up my suggestion have been consistently impressed by Naomi's professionalism, timeliness, meticulousness and great prices. Racine is lucky to have her in the area! - Laura

"Had a great experience, Naomi did great explaining everything and answering questions before and after. Responses to messages were always prompt and detailed. I have had great success taking the capsules with reduced mood swings, no night sweats and increased energy which has been priceless with a newborn and 3 year old. She also made an amazing print that looks like the tree of life with very vibrant colors. Naomi picked up and delivered before I was even out of the hospital!!!" - Amy

Strawberry flavored capsules
Placenta Capsules

"I love my placental pills! Naomi came over the same day my daughter was born and picked everything up. I had completed encapsulated pills within 24hrs following my delivery. I struggled with milk production with my son and cannot express how much these pills have helped with my second child. I think I may need a second freezer to hold all of my milk! I highly recommend Naomi and encourage all women to consider placental encapsulation following delivery."

- Tera

Naomi was professional, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable knowing the process was safe and beneficial to me and my baby. I was very happy with the overall experience being this was my first time having my placenta encapsulated.

- Sarah

I was very happy with my experience at Racine Placenta Encapsulation. Naomi was very professional to work with and made the experience stress free! I love taking my placenta pills and truly believe they've helped with my milk production, energy and stabilizing my hormones postpartum.

- Amy