Encapsulation: $200-250
Steamed or raw preparation, both methods include washing and dehydrating the placenta completely before grinding into a fine powder. Capsules are then filled and packaged. Capsule amount will vary client to client, depending on the size of the placenta and method chosen to process. Anywhere from 100-250 capsules is average. It all depends on the size of the placenta and method used for preparation.


Steamed preparation includes steaming the placenta for 15 minutes, often times with ginger, lemon and orange slices, then dehydrated.


Raw preparation includes dehydrating the placenta while it is still raw, no steaming or cooking prior. This method often takes longer, at times up to 24 hours for dehydration alone. 

Strawberry flavored capsules available as a $5 add on.

Tinctures: 4oz $25 

A tincture can be made from raw (steamed) placenta or from dehydrated grounds. The raw method will yield a stronger tincture. Placenta is kept in 100% proof alcohol (I use brandy) for 6 weeks. Tinctures have an unlimited shelf life. Often clients choose to save their tincture to use during menopause, however you can utilize the tincture at any time. Tinctures offer the same benefits as encapsulation, but in a smaller concentrated mixture. A few drops at a time is all you need. 

Prints: $25

Made with food grade dyes, on water color paper, placenta prints are a wonderful keepsake to have! Since food grade dye is being used, it is still safe to encapsulate and ingest after the print has been made.


Truffles and lactation bites: Price will vary depending on amount desired
Don’t swallow pills easily or hard to consider ingesting placenta in pill form? A yummy chocolate truffle is an easy way to receive all the benefits and get a tasty treat! Another great way to gain the benefits while giving your milk supply an extra boost is with lactation bites! Made with oatmeal, brewer's yeast, flax seed, peanut butter, coconut oil, chocolate and add in the powdered placenta! These bites pack a powerful punch giving you energy with the loaded protein and healthy fats. You gain the benefit of ingesting the placenta while tasting chocolate! 


Smoothies: $50 

Steamed placenta is sliced into small sections and blended with fresh fruits and vegetables to make a nutrient rich smoothie. Placenta is cut, packaged and frozen for client to make their own smoothies at home. For immediate use, placenta would not be frozen.


Cord Keepsakes: $15
Dehydrating the umbilical cord into a spiral or heart to be kept in a baby book or shadow box, is a wonderful reminder of the bond and connection one shares with their child while in the womb.



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Placenta Tincture
Placenta Print
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