WHY Placentas?

When I first heard about Placenta Encapsulation, I was hesitant.

Ingesting an organ from my own body? I was not sure that’s for me.

But after researching the benefits I learned that it can greatly help and even prevent postpartum depression and baby blues! Also, as someone who wanted to breastfeed, learning that it can help boost milk supply, that had me sold. Why would I not want to do everything in my power to provide the best for my little one? Added benefits being the major dose of oxytocin, hormone stabilization and energy boosting abilities, even iron which helps lessen the postpartum bleeding! Though this is a practice not yet widely accepted by health providers and consumers, the idea that something created inside my own body could be so beneficial after it served its initial purpose really had me intrigued. The more I learn about the placenta, the more and more I respect it. This organ, which is the gateway between mother and baby, the provider of comfort and nourishment, this is an organ that deserves the utmost respect and honor. I am so thankful to have been given the knowledge early enough to have my own placenta encapsulated (thanks Tera!) and I truly reaped the benefits that it could offer immediately after ingesting.

After my own experience, I have been motivated with excitement and passion to help other moms. Moms that may have suffered from postpartum depression, or may have previously struggled with lactation. Or maybe this would be their first pregnancy and wanted to do all they could to set themselves up for success. To me, being able to encapsulate another women’s placenta is the purest act of the sisterhood of motherhood. Moms helping other moms, supporting each other. I have a passion to continue learning about the benefits of the placenta and share my knowledge with those who may need it.

Going forward I hope to change the stigma around placenta encapsulation and help normalize this highly beneficial practice. By providing quality services, education and showing genuine care and empathy, I believe that this business will be making a significant difference in people’s lives, just as having my own placenta encapsulated made such a huge impact on my own.

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